Dota 2 TI6 – Immortal Treasure 2 (Item Spotlight)


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  1. Riki immortals are really bad , he's a hero who's in no need of flashy thing , these 2 immortal make him stand out more and easily gained attention

  2. Mirana: not bad
    Lich: cosmetic is gay but effect is kinda good imo
    WR: too distracting
    ES: the fuck do u want people to know u have a crit
    Morphling: rip volvo
    Undead: not bad
    Riki: too distracting
    Invoker: not my type as the sound effects sucks as well, rather use my magus apex and it's orbs

  3. If anyone says that the mophling one dosn´t look like water, I got a question for you, " have you every taken a bath in the Baltic sea or any of the multiple chineas rivers filld with bad Chemicals?" Didn´t Think so bitch.

  4. I liked immortals that looked liked items heroes would use, like Ursa's blink dagger immortal or Sf's deso immortal

  5. my opinion
    invoker not bad
    morph could be better
    wind good but copy ashe from lok
    lich probably the best
    riki everyone could spot him now
    undying could be better
    es not bad

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