Dota 2 Treasure Chest Hack – Working 06/28/13

Dota 2 Treasure Chest Hack - Working 06/28/13

The latest version of the DTK hacks that enables you to obtain free treasure keys and unlock your treasure chests, Version 4 is up and about! The release was…
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  1. had a bit of trouble downloading , but finally got through , key limit should be removed tho, thx!!

  2. and if u can u say me about that text message that i ve to confirm wont i pay much money if i turn it off imimediately

  3. Good day everyone. This is just an update regarding the hack and other exploits we have . Currently, DTK Version 4 is working fine and stable as it is, the key limit will NOT be removed no matter how much you guys ask , as it is there to make sure the balance stays. We are receiving numerous requests for a trade hack, map hack, and others, but there is only so much that we can do. The Spirit of Calm exploit is still working, as well as the new courier ones. That is all, have a nice day!

  4. I don’t really think we can make this one, I mean we haven’t tried but obviously the measures in place would be more secure, so its going to take time. Getting version 5 is taxing on us as it is, so sorry 🙁

  5. We are making other hacks, and revealing current exploits. Some exploits are sent by users generous enough to share them, if you know of a working one, message us so we can share it with others as well.

  6. We are rather busy especially with our upcoming thesis and so have very little time to work on the next version as well as other Dota 2 hacks. We are trying our best though, we would also like you guys to get the next set of keys and chests but our time available is rather limited.

  7. We are trying, but so far we keep meeting a dead end. Trying to workaround it though. Sub and keep informed

  8. We are sorry but this is the only way to stabilize the influx of keys on the market. There is no way we are going to jeopardize having this hack patched.

  9. No, it is still stable and working. Never had any bad reports except bugs and crashes especially on Vista but none whatsoever on accounts.

  10. Hey man I appreciate the work you put into this and all but is there a way to get the key limits off? Its really annoying in my opinon..

  11. cant imagine of a way to thank you guys enough for this, my chests were jsut taking up useless space before now almost all of them are opened!!!

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