Dota 2 Unboxing The International 3 Chests (Treasure of Champions 2013)


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  1. That's why you don't open if you don't care about 0.01% chance to get a courier. I got 3 new rares i wanted for 1 key. You could get 1 myth of your choice easily too.

  2. no im talking about the interface but i found out that it s because of the resolution i run it at the lowest cuz my pc ain t great so ofc i don t have the same interface like others.

  3. i think your talking about the background …if thats it then he changed it in dota2 run options typing in -international

  4. my kill/creeps/dennies are on the top of the screen not on the bottom like u have and that is a bit annoyng and the curier interface is totally diffrent from yours but i think u are right and it s all about the resolution

  5. Could you clarify your question? In a lower screen resolution you might have less columns on the right. But in general, your layout should look similar to mine.

  6. hey i got a question how do you setup ur interface like that?please answer my interface is totally diffrent

  7. I think the unboxing is generous in terms of mythical items. I would suggest to open some if you can.

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