Dota 2 Winter 2017 Treasure #3 Opening


FileSize: 30 MB

Free dota2treasure is ready for download

Dota 2 Winter 2017 Treasure #3 Openingwas extracted from ► Open chests at LootCase:
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  1. This opening chest is rigged, i opened seven as well and ibgot the sets in the exact same order, without rares, i guess your ID goes through a certain algorythm that places in your acount a standar order in which you find the sets, this is bullshit.

  2. Hi I have a question, I dont know steam store etc but after games I have a chance to get a random item I belive, Does anyone of you have items for Crystal Maiden ?? You can give it to me and I can give you something too

  3. I don not open tresures often, just these compendium and event earned, and I'm pretty luycky with, almost all of them gave me rares

  4. I have all TICC16 sets for sale (also very rare) Creeping Shadow[PA], Stormwrought Arbiter[SVEN], The Family Values Bundle[Mepo], Diabolical Fiend[SF], Doomsday Ripper[PUDGE]. Add me on steam: AyyLmaoMir.

  5. wait…. that set of nyx isn't that from starcraft

    or i'm just imagining things
    cause it's name is "sect of kartos"

  6. when DK farms so hard he goes off map and off game and returns with a fucking fus ro da and a dragon-forged armor.

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