Download and Install Patch 6.0 & 7.0 for PES 2013

Filename: downloadpatchforpes2013.exe

FileSize: 28 MB

Free downloadpatchforpes2013 is ready for download

Download and Install Patch 6.0 & 7.0 for PES 2013was extracted from


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  1. hello I did like the way you do and that is when I 'm on it now
    was not has installed

  2. Why i can't control players after upgrade Pesedit2013 v6.0? Anybody help me out please.

  3. i installed but its crashing without kitserver13 and kitserver13 doesn't work PLEASE how to unninstal the patch? 6.0?????/

  4. po ca duhet te bej  se jam me laptop   dhe sma hap lojen nuk i kam parametrat e duhaura ca duhet te bej

  5. This doesn't work for me, i don't know why… I download the pes2013.reg, but this isn't work too, same when i come in REGEDIT, pls help me

  6. Hey une e bera dje dhe e hapa PES dhe lujta ndersa sot thote :The PES2013 has stopped working. C ti bej ?
    Pleasee me ndihmo dhe rrofsh shume per kete ;)

  7. E Instalova Patch-in 6.0 Por kur du me startu lojen M'del Pes Edit qfar problemi ka ? 

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