Download and Install Patch 8.0 for PES 2013

Filename: downloadpatchforpes2013.exe

FileSize: 20 MB

Free downloadpatchforpes2013 is ready for download

Download and Install Patch 8.0 for PES 2013was extracted from


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  1. @GiG'ass I can't substitute players more than once per game, though I set on 3 before a game. What should I do?

  2. o gig'ass e shkarkova me torrent shkoi deri99.9 perqind dhe ndaloi.. si tja bej?

  3. when i open it said pro evolution soccer 2013 has not been installed and when open PESTN 2013 SELECTOR nothing happen what to do ??

  4. o vllai meqe qeke shqiptar kam i prb me linkun ne torrent.
    mu shkarku 99.9% ky patchi po tani shpetsia e shkarkimit ra ne 1 kbs. 2 trackers thon request download isnt authorized for use with this tracker. mund te me ndihmosh?
    flm 🙂
    P.S. pa shkarkuar kan ngelur vetem .__padding_file1 dhe PESTN2013PATCH8.0_meta.xml

  5. GiG'ass jam tu e instalu pes 2013 tash edhe a muj me instalu direkt qet patch 8.0 dmth edhe pse si kam patchat tjer

  6. Pls help me! After i install patch done then game not recognize my card Nvidia. Before install my card Nvidia still recognize in game Pes 2013. Pls help and thank u so much!

  7. hello gig'ass,, I installed it correctly.. but when I open pes13 it says ''the file is either damaged or not installed correctly, uninstall and install the program again'' could you help me?

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