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  1. Haha thanks xD The people who disliked are probably just jealous of my
    ability to record audio by speaking through a potato, past a microwave, and
    into my old laptop’s microphone.

  2. TO ACTIVATE WHEN DOWNLOADING LATEST VERSION (If you don’t want to download
    an earlier version. This is for V2014.9.0.2007, the official sites Avast!
    Free Antivirus 2014) 1)Download Avast! Free Antivirus 2014 (from OFFICIAL
    SITE) 2)Install everything as per your desired installation features 3)Go
    to Settings(left panel)->Registration(left panel)->Offline
    Registration(bottom of window)->Insert the License Key 4) Copy+Paste
    provided License Key (C0215803R9980Y1193-6U1W91CM) Voila!

  3. I believe this is the case. I made this video when I was 15, but have been
    using this key on a computer for over 4 years without any problems.

  4. it worked it worked!!!!current registration will expire in 2093!(28917 days
    remaining)!!! i m just curious to know if it is coz of the crack that it
    will expire in 2093?coz avast desn’t offer a subscription for more than 3
    years i guess?but it works!

  5. Virus, Virus, Virus! It’s Virus Everywere!!! Minecraft Call of duty
    terraria and much more has ViruS!!!!! Ahhhhh! Thanks Man for this video!
    Its work… =)

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