Download Youtube Videos Free WITHOUT Software Online (Quick, Easy & FREE)

Download Youtube Videos Free WITHOUT Software (Quick, Easy & FREE) Today, I’m going to show you how to download Youtube video free without using …



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  1. Cooooooool! Amazing!
    I want to share with you almost the same way for downloading the audio of
    the video:
    Type “to” between “youtube” and “.com” in the URL! (youtubeto insted of

  2. You earned another sub! You see, I’m moving house and its gonna be a while
    until I can use the Internet as it must be set up. I rely on Internet for
    lots of things such as online gaming and of course, youtube. I have
    desperately been looking for a way to stock up on videos for the day.

  3. Wow thank you so much! And to think if I hadn’t stumbled upon this video I
    probably would’ve been watching numerous tutorials, with numerous tabs open
    on sites that would supposedly help. Whereas here it took less than 2
    minutes. Thanks a bunch!

  4. I used the ‘ss’ method,. A one-word summary–cumbersome.
    It worked but took a long time to download– it was a large file, a concert
    of 1 hour 51 minutes. However the conversion time was given to be at
    around 3 hours!
    I ended up using another free & simple downloader which took about 1/4 the
    time,and made a smaller file size –362 MB vs your 2.2 GB, same frame
    rate per second, same quality

  5. I’m a teacher and often use videos to teach with. You MADE MY DAY!
    Your instruction was simple and easy. I loved that I didn’t have to
    download anything. Virus free! Thank you!!!!

  6. These are quick and efficient for single video downloads, but if you’re
    like me, and you like to download the playlists, then this isn’t quite what
    you’re looking. These are wonderful, better-than-one-could-ask-for ways of
    downloading YouTube videos, and, even though they’re not what I’m looking,
    I may still use them, and I’m sure they’ll be very useful for those who do.

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