DQ8 – Infamous Monster – Hackzilla (Axoraptor)

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  1. How many infamous monsters are there in the dragon family? I know about Hackzilla (my favourite), Potbelly and Frillsaurus. (or whatever it is called, its the big blue dragon) Are there any more? Please answer

  2. i remember this guy i was trying to get the treasure by him and then i saw him and tried to ninja him and i failed cause he has a ninja sensor

  3. The first time I beat this monster was before Geyser with my hero and Yangus both at level 8. I defended with Hero and psyched up Yangus to 20 and then attack. Healing Yangus when I had to. Afterwards I would psyche up to 50 then attack and dead.

  4. i was wondering y this was hard 4 u i was at lvl 14 with all ppl wif fists only for hero and yangus,knives for jess and staff for angelo and i psyched up to 50 each and kicked hit butt :)

  5. I think it must, because the first time I played I beat him before I left for Alexandria, and I was shocked when I came back with everyone to get him for my team and he was hitting for 2x and 3x what he did the first time.

  6. Ohh, I didn't realize. I was wondering why he still did 15-20 damage even after my defense was way higher than it was at the beginning of the game, in which i fought him and he did the same. Really though, I beat him just before getting Jessica VERY easily, maybe his difficulty jumps majorly when you get more characters.

  7. So why exactly is this guy so strong to you? In my version of the game, he's very strong for where he's at, but he still only did ~20 damage a hit and I was able to defeat him with just Hero and Yangus.

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