Dragon City – Breed PURE Dragon EASY!!! [5]

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  1. Atlast i found a dragon city hack tool, thanks to the hackers who made
    Don’t waste your time completing surveys just download this, install open.
    Play the game and see your gems increasing…

  2. I have a question can i breed pure dragon like that or just buy it for 15 m
    gold? sumeone tell me.

  3. Hey uh guys dont say this is spam but uh I was shocked to
    I bred a mirror dragon and a coral dragon and I got a pue life dragon
    please tell me that is rare
    If no my game is probs messed up or I got real lucky

  4. Hey bro I’ve got 2 question 1st isn’t easy 2nd I like ur Chanel but why in
    ur all vids u put pokemon songs?

  5. guys i got some good news i breed a pure earth dragon with lvl 20 legendary
    dragon and lvl 19 crystal dragon!!!! WTF do it now

  6. i have 2 winds 2 mirror and when i breed 2 winds it became leviathan dragon
    and when i breed 2 mirror it became music dragon Ok im gonna try breeding
    my legendarys then 

  7. You need pure to breed legends,and to breed legends you need purexthats why
    they’re so expensive :)

  8. You don’t need two any type of legendaries (I breed only one legendary and
    one mystery dragon) = 2 Days if the result is Pure Dragon I will tell the

  9. I dont like dragon city now and i havent play for like one week ..Last time
    i use to everyday play..

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