Dragon Quest 7 [3DS] – What Changed in the Remake? | DQ7 Critical Review

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  1. aren't you wrong about the class system? skills aren't tied to what job you're in, once you learn something you have it for good. the only thing unique to classes are passives.

  2. Dope review! Thanks sweetheart I really appreciate this review! Not many big reviewers are willing to take the 80 hour plunge and this review is the reason I bought it :)

  3. It took me 160 hours to "beat" the PS1 game, then God appeared. What transpired as a result was the biggest ass kicking in turn based history. Spoiler Alert: God won.

  4. god damn it … such a good review !!!
    U point so many aspects of the game outwithout to add ur own opinion to much on it …also u add opinions with mention it as ur opinions!
    rly professional u did a good job !!! bow

  5. Can you do one for Dragon Quest VIII when they releases on January also? I did seen from Behind the Voice Actors website mentioned that the Japanese version did added the Japanese audio in the 3DS remake since the PS2 version from the Japanese version had it silent while the localized version from the PS2 did added Voice Acting in the game which it's nice and I did seen the new trailer that was uploaded from the official Nintendo YouTube channel that there is no random encounters and speed up battle animations are added in the 3DS Remake.

    Speaking of which, I wish Dragon Quest VII 3DS Remake along with the recent games like IX and the DS remakes have voice acting added in the game since VIII already has it.

  6. I'll be honest. While I love Dragon Quest and I think this remake is good, you'd be better off waiting for 8 if pacing is super important for you. Not to say this game is THAT slow, but the opening is a bit of a slog on top of some other inconveniences. Still great, 50+ hours in and still going, but wow.

  7. Does any one know how to get in the beacon? It says it's too dark to see. I have no clue what to do. And can't find anything online

  8. Uploaded the OP for the Old School anime: Dragon quest yuusha abel densetsu on my channel if any1 is interested

  9. I'm interested in purchasing the game. However, neither of my shoulder buttons work. Are the changes in camera angle really necessary?

  10. That class change kind of sucks i really liked maxing my classes so everyone could have very strong attacks but what can you do?

  11. this is my first Dragon Quest/Warrior game since the NES. i just got the game today and can't wait to play it.

  12. As a fella who calls the original my favorite DW/Q game, these changes make this a budget bin buy for me. I really enjoyed grinding out jobs in the original, and the characters individual stats kept me from making Maribel a str based fighter, and what not. Also, actually having to explore pedestals to put fragments into, and a bunch of other things apparently removed from the game gave the original an awesome atmosphere that, from this video, looks to be gone now. I recommend if you have a ps1 or ps3, try to get the original. It sounds a great deal deeper than this new version does.

  13. Ug… They modernized it, and I'm not talking about the graphics necessarily. :/
    Thanks for the warning. As for the graphics, I always kind of liked the old Paper Marioish graphics of the original anyhow.

  14. Dragon Warrior I-IV are still the best in the series. I might get this one though. They should have stuck with the Dragon Warrior name.

  15. Sounds like they butchered the intro, I'll pass on this version.

    The slow build up made the island feel truly isolated and alone which improved the overall narrative in my opinion, and the puzzles of the temple were to make it feel like something truly important was being protected/hidden away. It would have been much better if they kept the same intro and tossed in some slime battles.

    The game looks far better graphically, but sadly that seems to be the extent of the improvements.

    It's like how Lunar Silver Star Story (PSX) is still better than Silver Star Harmony (PSP) despite having outdated graphics.

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