Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King BEST CHEAT EVER

Filename: dragonquestcheats.exe

FileSize: 27 MB

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Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King BEST CHEAT EVERwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15727





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  1. shit, I just lost it….I used it for a 5th time, and its gone forever……I may as well have like 99 of them if this keeps happening….I keep messing up somehow…..

  2. lol u said u bought a ps2 just to play this game…i swear i did the same this to this day this is my favorite game, i just need to find a good metal slime spot for early lvls cause the venus tear dungeon is kicking my ass

  3. ok im sure this is a toll vid vid cuz if u pause and look at what the item says: "a ring that restores some of the wearer's MP when used as a item" the ring it self has a built in limit to the number of uses of that effect im guessing its resetting the number of uses I take it? the u should have said that out right

  4. So I just hope my Prayer Ring doesn't break in the future when I need it most and I've already spent some time fighting and losing MP. That would really SUCK! Know what I mean? Thanks again for the advice.

  5. I just found this video. I read the description and before even finishing the video, I tried your idea or "cheat" as you call it. I'd say it is legit. It definitely works. The 1st time I tried it, my ring did break. So good thing I saved it before hand. Then the 2nd time, I only used a little at a time on each character until they were full. So I was like, "Well, that's cool." So thanks for the great idea.

  6. There is not cheat here, I think it just has a random chance of breaking each time. "sometimes it will dissolve even if you use this cheat" is evidence that it's not really doing anything. 

  7. Sorry about that. Sometimes it will dissolve even if you use this cheat, but usually it doesn't if you do exactly what I did. 

  8. First you get a Prayer Ring. You have to Transfer it from who is holding it to another character, then you Equip it to that character. Then you Use it to heal that character's MP, but you have to be careful b/c if you don't Transfer it Each Time you Use it, your Prayer Ring will Dissolve and you will have to get another one (they are pricey). Also, try to save your game immediately before you do this in case of dissolve.

  9. I borrowed these things from my bro originally b/c I loved this game so much. My mom got it as a present for him, but it became my thing. Our PS2 broke, so I got another off ebay just to play this game… it's super awesome!!! Thanks for the comment!

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