Dragon Quest 8: Wisher’s Peak Out of Bounds Glitch

Filename: dragonquest8cheats.exe

FileSize: 22 MB

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Dragon Quest 8: Wisher’s Peak Out of Bounds Glitchwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15722





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  1. this is bullshit it's not working for the ps2 version.. fiets of all there is a loading screen when cycling to menu and world map .. and by seeing this it seems there's no loading at all beside no matter how fast you mash the button it just isn't working… also your explaining is just not understandable talk slower and clearer….

  2. I officially give up…….My hand is killing me, and my cheap controller can't handle anymore bashing of the buttons

  3. been doing it for just about a half hour……nothing is happening……does it matter which version of the game???? Or what????……Why isn't it working? I basically am mashing the buttons back and forth because its the only way to do it…..but nothing happens…..the character just sits there, it never moves…….

  4. just found that pot finally. Are you suppose to move while doing it? Or does it do it for you?…I'm trying to do this…but no luck.
    cant do it, it keeps going to the world, it wont go to the menu during the black screen, no idea how anyone else is doing it….I am hitting the buttons over and over
    nothing even seems to happen how many times do I have to do it?….

  5. so, I can basically do this to go anywhere I want yes?….Like if I wanted to cross a river I can do this too right?….Or the entire ocean?….or does it only work in certain spots? That spot there I have never
    seen before….and I got no idea how u got the tiger in the early in the game unless there is a NG+ I am not aware of. Except with ng+ it usually gives you all your items back….

  6. Why did you stop the speed run?! 🙁 I was really enjoying it. Been waiting for another episode but nothing's come out…

  7. Interesting. I never thought of doing this in the ps2 version. I wish I knew sooner.

    Unfortunately if you're playing he android/ios version, I can confirm that is does not work. Believe me, I've tried.

  8. Wow. I never really thought a speedrun of this game would ever be realistic. What an exciting find.

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