Dragon Quest Heroes Easy Gold XP and Items

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  1. Sanguine is like Sang gwin not like Sanguini …you make it sound like pasta ..really liked your vid but cringed at the sanguini part …

  2. Bianca is beastly, especially if you equip her with Rage Rubies and level up her Deftness bonus. Rain of Pain will literally tear up everything in Arba Hero difficulty and is much faster than running Percy/GereGere. Quite frankly, by Lv30+ you SHOULD have her Deftness bonuses unlocked and it will synergy ridiculously well with MP return on crit passive, essentially giving you infinite MP to spam Rain of Pain. Avoid the bigger enemies as it causes your grind to slow down and just keep leveling up as you need.

  3. Wouldn't Terry just be as useful in that type of farming as well? He does have a long range final move which is very useful in the elven village (can't remember its name) there's a nice straight strip you can keep spamming the move on

  4. Another spot is in Dawnsholm. Farm the gold golems there and use their medals to get even more gold. Can also farm Liquid Metal Slimes while you do that for exp. Make sure you have the Accessory equipped too to increase gold gain by another 10%. Happy hunting~

  5. you dont have to farm.playing story and you get enough exp.beaten all monster without extra farming. just in the end game u need a farming spot,thats what i search for

  6. nice video man, Im having a problem maybe you can help, I can't sell my equipment is always full and when i go to the seller/buyer all my stuff says NOT FOR SELL except the ones Im currently using, what can I do? thx.

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