Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4) – REVIEW – A’s GAMING moments

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  1. I played this game a while back and for the most part enjoyed it, though I completely agree with you about those damn jingles. The trophies are a tad annoying as well, like 'own every weapon' when i tended to skip the shitty weapons and jump to buy the better options, particularly on characters i didnt use so much. My preferred team was Luceus, Terry, Bianca and then usually jessica who could heal, though i really only controlled Terry and Bianca. Everyone seemed to rant about psaro at the time, but I found his character to be slow and clumpy – far rather Terry's speed.

    As a sidenote, I am not going anywhere near that DragonQuest builders game… there are only so many slimes i can kill and i have done more than my fair share in this game!

  2. Man I've been meaning to get this game for half a year now. I love the very cartoony designs of the monsters. Actually I've been meaning to get into the Dragon Quest series in general, they did a remake of Dragon Quest 7 on the 3DS recently. DQ Heroes is relatively cheap these days which is great so I'll get it soon, eventually.

    Awesome review but why does this game have a long arse name? I wonder what made them choose it?

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