Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below – Review

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  1. what i don't understand is why is it so hard for them to make a traditional dragon quest game with this level of production value and visuals? i don't want to mash buttons, i want it to feel like an RPG. i'm having a really hard time finding a game like that on ps3/ps4 lately. everyone is ditching turn-based to opt for instant gratification button mashing action-rpg formula with little in the ways of depth with stats and equipment aside from "this sword hits better, buy it."

  2. the only thing i see wrong with the game is the character designs.. i've always thought Akira Toriyama's designs.. .especially the strange eyes. makes characters look so weird

  3. is the story related much with previous game in the series? i played dq once, it was the DQ8 on the ps2. i asked coz i saw yangus ngn jessica in the game.

  4. did any one hear the old anime music? in this game, they are awesome to put the old time music to life again, good old memories

  5. I played this game and I regret ever getting it.The game has no variety in attacks,levels that go on for too long and it takes forever to get from place to place. If you want to run beat enemies with a good variety of attacks and have a good ol time go play Hyrule Warriors and avoid this game but, if you are okay with the slow pace,little variety of attacks, and levels that go on for an eternity then you should consider picking this up. This game is a game people like now but, in 10 years when they look back they will be like WHAT?! I LOVED DRAGONQUEST HEROES?! WHAT?! THIS WAS SO BORING?!

  6. Didn't even know this was being released on PC, though, I'm not surprised with all the Final Fantasy releases. This gives me hope in seeing Dragon Quest XI on PC…I'm about ready to burst with anticipation. :D

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