Dragon Quest IX – How to make money

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  1. I've done the math and you can do a similar thing with medical herbs. By using alchemy to make a strong medicine at the cost of 16 hold for the two medical herbs, you can sell the newly created medicine for 34 gold, creating a 2 gold profit. This cycle can be repeated to get a large sum of gold over a long period of buying, alchemy, and selling. Creating special medicine also works when buying and selling this way. At the very least, the time spent in this will reward you with alchemy accolades. 

  2. can use silver mail, gold rings and gold bracers with same method.  Costs more to start up but yields more faster.

  3. @the guy asking for bunny ears, try mixing 2 bunny tails with a head band to you can do this pretty much as soon as you get krack pot, but you still need the other things in the video to make ear cozies

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