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  1. This game introduced me to the DQ franchise thanks to this game. Its one of the best DS games I have ever played next to Chrono Trigger and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and RE:Coded. I give this game a 9/10. The Nostalgia!

  2. I wanted to like this game but man the graphics were just terrible even for DS standards. It ran really bad too with frame rate drops. Pixels would cut in and out from moving the camera. Wish they would of redid this on the 3ds

  3. I remember begging my dad to buy this for me when I was 7, and right before a road trip to Disneyland he gave this to me. I decided to see how far I went in the game and I was maybe like 2 hours worth in and I played it every spare moment I got lol. Great menories

  4. Ok guys, I have owned this game for years now, and played a bunch of it, but never got around to completing it (not even close I think, maybe 20 hours in). Just started playing DQ7 for 3DS and LOVING IT. Really want to get back to this one when Im done with 7. Here's my question though. I think DQ7 is so enjoyable because of the "written"party members. Is DQ9 a lesser experience because it is lacking in this department or is it enjoyable enough without it?

  5. I played this game years ago in primary school, never finished it though and it has haunted me since then, I must defeat it, for the glory and to relive the epic experience

  6. When i replayed this game i almost cried from the amazing memories i had when i played this game as a kid…This game is 100/10 in my opinion.

  7. Love how this review mentions nothing about the storyline and completely disregards the huge amount replay value it holds, along with the massive amount of content.
    I feel like this review only looks at the surface of what DQ9 really is. Bad review, this game is fantastic.

  8. "Playing by yourself a bit of a snooze?" Ive only played it with a friend once and i Vastly prefer playing it alone I think its ine of the best RPG's.

  9. I have been looking into DQ games for the past week. DQIX is #1 on about 10 different DQ rankings. This review makes is sound like it is mediocre at best. The only DQ game I ever played was one. I just got a 3DS and trying to decide which game to start with. Level 5 made both IX and VIII. I was thinking about getting those two and moving on to the others after that.

  10. I genuinely think this is the greatest game ever made, customisation, story length, writing of the actual story, the world, the ship, the ENDLESS quests and replayability, I have never and most likely will never play a game like this ever again.

  11. This review doesn't do this game justice. It's one of my favorite games ever and I played it for a LONG time after it came out(I'm even considering grabbing some buddies and playing it again). The battle system isn't simple at all…. there are countless options due to the amazing class system. There's also near-infinite adventuring because of the randomly generated dungeons and super-hard legacy bosses that require supremely strong characters and strategy to defeat. Fantastic game.

    I cannot believe what I saw. I was already disappointed when I saw Ori and the Blind Forest got just 8.5, but this is much more disappointing.
    Dragon Quest IX 10/10

  13. I know that 8/10 is supposed to be good, but in video game reviews, and based on what he's saying, it sounds like they don't like his type of game. I feel this one was a masterpiece and the then we get reviews calling the traditional gameplay a snoozefest, well this is why squeenix is damn gun shy and why the modern JRPG is a pile of crap.

  14. One of the best games I have ever played in my life. Where do I start? Where do I end? you just have to buy it and ignore all bad reviews or recipes entirely… just play it?

  15. I played over this game so many times this is by far. You need to really be into the game and do alchemy and quest to go above and beyond and change your vacation

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