Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky – Final Boss(Solo Hero)

Filename: dragonquestsentinelsofthestarryskiescheats.exe

FileSize: 30 MB

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  1. you know there's no value in uploading this, an obviously AR'ed save file, and presenting it as you did.

  2. For anybody wondering about how Jizg got to level 77 – keep in mind that the amount of XP given to each character is divided by the number of people in your party. Levelling is a lot quicker with only one player in the party than with four

  3. Just wondering, since you blocked the auto-crit attack TWICE, what's the average damage he deals when he hits with that?

  4. Uh oh D:
    I have 2 warriors and 2 minsterls at a level of about 45…..
    Ur a lvl 55 paladin and u bet him on ur own with no party and u have amazing attack and defence….. I might be stuck on corvus for a while :o

  5. Hey can someone tell me if there is a sequel to dragon quest sentinels of the starry skies?!? I've been looking all over the Internet but have gotten no answers.

  6. i pwned corvus in 3 turns XD 1. Use feel the burn (corvus does normal attack and chilly breath = 20 tension) 2. Life fource (corvus does drops from the sky and kafrizz = 100 tension) 3. Blind mans biff (got lucky and got a critical of 3500, with a total of 5231 damage) oewnage XD

  7. edricks sword: found right before this area were hootingtamgore 2 was just go right
    and you get the rust sword which can be turned into edricks sword with 9 glass frit the rusty sword and a lump of orichalcum.
    shield: get it in zere rocks by doing a quest. same recipe
    helmet: give max meadlin 62 mini medal i think but you still get it with mini medals same recipe

    thats all i know how to get

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