Dragon Quest VIII 1080p running on PCSX2 1.1.0

Filename: dragonquest8hack.exe

FileSize: 21 MB

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Dragon Quest VIII 1080p running on PCSX2 1.1.0was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15721





  1. Got the same crisp textures. Thank you for helping on the spec. The only "bad" about the graphics are the cut scenes and dialog box. It's somehow stuck at being medium quality graphics.

  2. When i Play it on emulator it looks good, but the video scenes (intro, etc) look with a lot of pixels. Is there a way to improve that scenes?

  3. When I play this on my pc, everything is like it's in slow motion. Cutscenes, actions, diologue, audio, everything. Is there something I need to do in order to fix it? I'm running PCSX2 1.4, AMD A4 – 5000 Processor, Radeon HD Graphics 1.5 GHz, 6 GB Ram

  4. havent been able to watch 2 scenes so far, the one of alistair at the tower and one of angelo's past, dont think its my computer, i have a gtx 760 an i5 4670k and a 8gb ram, any tips on a fix?

  5. I can run it at 60 fps solidly but im getting choppy gameplay when moving the camera, already tried turning off speedhacks so it isnt that, any ideas?

  6. i can play this game very good but the cinematics are the problem, all the window in brown and i only see the text box and the sound is fine… GSdx9 hardware, i have a geforce 9400gt

  7. Could you do another video running this in OpenGL? I'd like to see the game running stably with the shadows in Hardware mode.

  8. My audio is very very laggy anyone know a way to fix it?
    Ive tried playing around with the latency but it still jumps and cuts

  9. Is this enaugh to run the game on 1080p?
    i5 3.2ghz
    4GB ram
    gtx 750Ti 2GB

    I know I should upgrade my ram, it's pretty bad compared with my gpu and cpu but is it enaugh?

  10. it seems like this emulator has known Issues with rendering shadows cause I don't see the characters shadows when I play this on the emulator but on the ps2 I can see it

  11. Hi I'm trying to run this game but I get a black screen right after the Volume Selector before the Opening Screen. Can you help me please?

  12. Thank you for posting this!! I'd been looking for a way to remove the artifacts in text and your "more info" worked perfectly!

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