Dragon Quest VIII – Arena Battle Rank B

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  1. I've attempted B level with Cybot, Talos, and Roborg while my character was at lvl 34. I made it to the rock n' rollers with Talos and Roborg somewhat intact, and managed to defeat their Rockbomb and Crazed Colossus with just Talos and their Golem left. Talos nearly had him and got criticaled at the last moment. This team just needs Roborg to be built up a bit more to get past B. 

  2. A – u cant do any of that if u havent got the ability to fly
    B – until u beat the dragovian trials u cant unlock hev
    u need to fly to get stone man and u choose hev as a prize for beating 1 dragovian trial so yeah u need to do that 1st dont attempt b rank until ortusk(not spelt right i know) cause there in the overworld u can get some killing machine monsters for your team that kick ass (the ones u find in drag graveyard and trodain) so yeah dont attempt b rank till u got 2 of them and talos.

  3. Hackzilla levels up with you so he must be higher leveled. don't know where to find archfiend. Just google it or something.

  4. okay i believe u but wat elf? all i know is the guy who teaches u about the sun mirror is a old man who lives with monsters who were abused in their past lives.

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