Dragon Quest VIII: Dhoulmagus – Perfect Win

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  1. @Madman13K That video is already up. Not quite a perfect win, but he still got what was coming to him.

  2. ohohohoh…. He had that coming for a long time….

    Though to be honest, my biggest problem was the second half, which I needed multi heal for. Mind doing the same for him?

  3. @HardkorowaMalinka Ultrus is only available very late in the game. By then, there are monsters that can do much more damage. Also, Ultrus can only stay in for 3 turns (and one is used to create Ultrus), whereas the Psyche Wards only need 1-2 turns to REALLY power up your team.

  4. @IwubMaiColettie This is just a demonstration of one way to get the most out of your monster team. I would prefer to start a battle at 20 tension in exchange for my monster team (50 or 100 is eve better). Since Dhoulmagus can't resummon his clones, a 20 tension head start should let you kill them and put you well on the way to a win.

  5. @Diavalo88 Yeah I'm currently up to Rank B (Rank C beat) with a team of Talos, Dumbking & Hackzilla. At the moment I am grinding Angelo up to 30 (29 at the moment) but anything to make this fight easier is useful. Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to make use of them.

  6. @LightSlei Hazel is northwest of red's house.

    Big Al is on the beach South of Argonia

    Jewelbag is on the island near maella abbey

    You need to have Rank D complete to be able to find all the members of this team. You may also want to consider grinding to level 30 for Angelo to learn multi-heal.

  7. It's actualy an ability called "Call Team" which you get by doing part of a sidequest. Speak to Morrie (on the roof of the building just outside of Pickham) to begin the quest.

    "Blitz" is just the name I gave to my 1st monster team. You can call it almost anything you want.

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