Dragon Quest VIII-Super High Tension In Only 1 Phyche Up

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  1. My guess would be you've psyched up a total of 99 times with Hero and so you go up to super high tension immediately. I don't know that for certain it's a guess but I can't think what else it would be.

  2. why is it that when the hero is pumped up he looks like goku but when the others pumped up they dont change

  3. i'm already at argonia and i still got the state of high tension thing. it won't let me reach super high tension

  4. Fun fact. Dragon Quest VIII was made on the PS2. It was freaking great. Dragon Quest IX, however, was made for the DS. See how it's progressively getting worse?

  5. I would love a remake of this game with multiplayer option and more Monster Arena challenges, something like a little mix between this game and DQMJ :'D 

  6. Dude, Dragon Quest 9 for Nintendo DS. It's fucking amazing. Possibly even better than this one, and I bought the VIII Collector's Edition when it first launched way back when. 

  7. this remains my favourite game, when I was young I played this all day unfortunately it got scratched up really bad, now I'm gonna get a new copy. I hope in the future the developers can make a dragon quest game in the spirit of this game. i wouldn't change a thing 

  8. Ah, that's right, I forgot about the Highly Strung Cheese. Of course, seeing as how it can only be used by the hero, and can only be used once, for the most part, High tension is the highest you can get reliably in one turn.

  9. Timbrel of Tension on Angelo and Yangus, Highly Strung Cheese on Hero. Psyche up on Jessica. Super high tension Twin Dragon Lash next turn. Receive victory.

  10. I assume you are referring to the 'Timbrel of tension'. I regret to inform you that you can only have TWO of this remarkable item, as one of the ingredients – the sun crown – can only be obtained twice – both times by removing the curse from a skull helm. So although you can get up to High tension in one turn, you can't get up to SUPER high tension.
    Also, you don't need to psyche up yourself to do the final stage. It can be done with the timbrel or by yourself.

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