DRAGON QUEST XI Gameplay Trailer DRAGON QUEST 11 Nintendo Switch/PS4 2017

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  1. I never played another dragon quest after I had beaten 8 will be getting this for sure hope they bring back that super sayin look again lol

  2. I hope you can turn off the music. Because it's some of the worst i've ever heard. Would much rather just look at the gorgeous game with just the ambient sounds.

  3. This footage is actually on ps4 and not on the switch . The switch version witch already saw it looks like shit .

  4. The PS4 looks stunning but the 2D world on the 3DS is so cool! Nice to see each platform has its merits.

  5. DragonQuest Heroes was an abomination and a total mess to play, I really hope the fighting style of this is more in tune with the older games in the franchise

  6. Is the 3DS version the full a full port or a companion app? Or a different version of Dragon Quest?

  7. Absolutely getting this on my Switch. Mind you, the 3DS version looks so cool I will have to get that too I think.

  8. they can also Nintendo switch already japanese spoken on site this game actually for Nintendo nice try Sony !?

  9. it looks great but im pretty sure this game is censored and many parts are cut off like the other Dragon Quest games.. so Fuck you Nintendo USA I'm not buying an uncompleted game.

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