Dragon Rider Mod: Minecraft Shur’tugal Mod Showcase – 9 Different Dragons!

Dragon Rider Mod: Minecraft Shur'tugal Mod Showcase - 9 Different Dragons!

Our Public Server: mc.voidswrath.com Mod-Pack Website: http://www.voidswrath.com Our Texture Pack: http://goo.gl/io6Ow Mod Download: http://goo.gl/O0Rvw Twit…
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  2. i have a youtube problem i cant watch the vidéo
    can you tell me what to feed the dragons to grow

  3. Not only does a Villager ninja his way in, but a chicken decides to as well. Just wait a few minutes and you could expect that temple to be a god damn farm :I

  4. Almost as good as other dragon mod (other had better models which you said would be fixed soon). With the updates, this may be best dragon mod ever!!!! Thumbs up!!

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