1. Some people just don’t appreciate music… First of all Drake is a
    universal artist. Meek has no business challenging someone that can do any
    and everything lyrical. The lyrics Drake spit is fire. We’re not talking
    about battling rapping we’re talking about diss tracks. Tupac and Biggie
    went through the same shit. “Fuck your bitch and the clique you came”…
    And Drake comes and say “trigger fingers turn into Twitter fingers”, “I did
    another one, you still ain’t do shit about the other one” it’s a diss, not
    battle rapping. “THE GREATEST” has this rap confused. HIP HOP is an art
    with a message, and Drake sends out plenty of messages in every song. Hip
    Hop isn’t dead your mental isn’t broad enough.

  2. To everyone saying this is whack or not a even a decent diss song just
    accept the fact that it’s a new era. There are no takeovers, hit em ups,
    who shot ya’s, and ethers anymore. I initially thought it was a decent diss
    somewhat, but then I thought back to how Drake completely murdered this
    canadian artist named Aristo. So he’s definitely capable of a better diss.

  3. That was trash…. he had one good punch line the singing nigga
    bar….that’s it and I don’t even like Meek but I hate when ppl hype stuff
    more then what it is lol #notimpressed

  4. Is rap really this dead that ppl hype this shit like no tomorrow. This was
    a weak ass diss and I’m not a meek mill fan either but this whole argument
    is getting so hyped up for no reason. I swear all these suburban drake fans
    don’t know what rap is. 

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