Duncan Jones to direct World of Warcraft MOVIE!

Duncan Jones to direct World of Warcraft MOVIE!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCj82s2-OHg Click here to watch ETC: SIN CITY 2: A Dame to Kill For (Story/Cast) Duncan Jones to direct World of Warcraft MOVI…
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  1. no first it would start the burning crusade because the burning crusade is the first big story in world of warcraft

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  3. why you dont make story abut Arthas, but in 3 parts, becose his story, for me, is too sad, and too long.You can make that Arthas don’t die, make him paladin once aggain…I am huge fan of Arthas…FOR LORDAERON !!!

  4. Just make a movie of warcraft 3 you faggots, wow players already know w3 and its the original real success of the fucking WOW game, just a copy mrpog jesus.

  5. “World of warcraft fans, what story could they possibly tell?”, well its not just WoW fans, its just Warcraft fans in general, I do hope its not just all about WoW, I hope it goes back to the proper days of warcraft 1,2 and 3.

  6. It’s all about the alliance the 4 years i have played the game never ever played as the horde never will!

  7. I heard a while back that it’s to take place right before the Burning Crusade (hence the name just being “Warcraft”), so yes Arthas will have a significant role in the movie.

  8. It can be 3 hours like the pirates of the carribbean movies and they’re like 4 hours I think… well i think 240 minutes so alot can happen in that time

  9. i bet a ol humen will be the main character =( obviously i would like a Night Elf to be the main character =)

  10. so are you telling me that a warcraft movie will be a single movie instead of trilogy or at least 2 movies? how can you tell illidan or arthas story in 2 hours?

  11. WHAT?? have you ever seen The Lord Of The Rings? the budget for THE 3 movies was 200 million dollars ,that means aproximmately 60 million dollars for EACH ONE , and the movies were awesome , incredible effects , perfect locations and is the same kind of world as warcraft… 100 million is actually more than enough

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