Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition PS4/PC/Xbox One Tech Analysis

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  1. I love this game, but constantly getting below 30fps and screen tearing is completely unacceptable and is barely addressed by techland for Xbox One players, I can barely play without getting nauseous from the screen tearing and getting put out of the experience from it. I hade no choice cause before I had a computer or PS4 I had no choice but to buy it onto Xbox One. Im legend level 4 with all my level skills caped, and I'm not paying another 60$ on my pc just for a fps boost. I've tried every method to get a better fps I can find and I didn't see better results. I'm just disappointed in tech land as now in order to have a full experience I have it buy it on PC now in order to have a playable experience oven though they could have just turned down some of the graphics a bit.

  2. Wow amazing. Xbox is shit woooow who would have guessed… And ps4 is kept back by xbox and pc ports full of bugs and random spikes while looking worse thanks to xbox. Amaaaazing…… Instead of suggesting to buy the bugged and badly optmized pc port nobody wants and nobody bought why dont you say flat out that devs have to start making games for consoles and then port cuz the vast majority is on consoles. Lets not pretend triple A games sell anything on pc unless its shitty overwatch

  3. has the PS4 framerate issue been addressed with the most recent patches? I believe this review was done with patch 1.04 on PS4, patch 1.07 has been released. Thank you.

  4. Just bought the game on ps4. Very smooth 30 fps experience so far. Very nice graphics on top of that. Guess they have fixet it.

  5. #DigitalFoundry Thanks for the review. Dying Light is one of my favorite games and I have it for the XBONE. I have been 'gunshy' about the Enhanced Edition as I had heard about previous game saves becoming obsolete. I had already played thru twice and having to redo again would really stink…so I moved on to another game…then another. Recently, my missus grabbed a copy of The Following Enhanced for next to nothing (I wasn't supposed to see that… I was buying 3DS games for my nephew). Can anyone tell me if installing this edition, my game saves would be okay/usable in Enhanced? Any help is appreciated.

  6. If you only play games for the graphics and the whole "fps" topic then you have no idea what it means to really play a game. I dont say that fps and graphics are not important but compared to the whole game experience i dont care at all

  7. Holy shit, the Xbox One sucks. That console is just garbage. Everyone who bought the Xbox One must be stupid and gay. :^)

  8. Hello DigitalFoundry, have you been tested this version of the game on Xbox One S??Because the new console have 7% power than the older Xbox One.

  9. As always, PC beats the hell out of the consoles!
    I run it maxed out, except for motion blur and V-sync with is off, my 3 year old PC runs it like a dream, and it's not even a high-end gameing reg 😀

  10. This consoles gen is just not impressive, just remember 6th gen to 7th gen that was a real next gen :/ and Ps2 to Ps3 was a big step.

  11. Being brought up with sega mega drive and gameboy; Fram rates don't mean all that much to me.

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