Dying Light The Following -Enhanced Edition- (Xbox One / PS4) Unboxing!!

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  1. If I have the stand version of DL installed on my Xbox One & I buy this do I have have to install the game again & all the DLC or will the game start up normally & I'll just have the DLC available? I don't have any DLC for DL so I was thinking of buying but I can get all of it for $25 at GameStop so I'll save money buy getting the enhanced edition.

  2. i have 10 years and im pretty sure this game is for baby well…. noy scary is more to surviving,runing,helping and sorry from my english i'm romanian

  3. Nice video man. So, the following is already installed, or you have to put some kind of code that is foind on the cd box

  4. As always another great unboxing. Very informative. Thank you and keep up the good work! Ps. definitely getting this game 😀

  5. am i able to play with my freind who only has the normal version (the first released one) or will we both have to have the same one

  6. if I had the normal dying light, and I bought this disc, how will I still have my normal rankings?

  7. Why'd you started with the Xbox One box? Not to be rude but you know that your subscribers are mostly PS4 users. It just feels odd.

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