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  1. i don’t get it could you give me instructions? i opened it up put my email
    in and pressed start then it said you could be winning some swag bucks if
    you were logged in so i logged in and i got 12 swag bucks but what do i do

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  5. Swaghelper is just a Search engine type program that “searches” for you,so
    you can do other things.There is no guarantee that you will get
    Swagbucks,but the likelyhood of success is better as the program thinks of
    words that you probably wouldn’t.

  6. Your program no longer works since every time I try to log in,it clears out
    the form & goes back to the same page.

  7. Hiya, under site, go to “prizewish” instead of “swagbucks”, log in as
    usual, put “mycheatpages” (the program) on a second monitor, and then go
    about your day on the internet as usual, the program will update every 3
    minutes with a search number as well as a wait time until it searches
    again, occasionally it will win, and you’ll see it on your second monitor
    asking you to fill out a 3 letter captcha, simply fill it out and go back
    to your day, simple as that.

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