Editing in the Premiere Pro CS6 Timeline | lynda.com tutorial

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  1. what is premiere pro made for?? aahh!!! it is made to make shortcut key on
    the keyboard!!! I don’t know,I’m trying to figure out what’s premiere pro
    made for and they’re talkin about shortcut,new features and shit!!!

  2. Thank you for the W and R command for Ripple editing. I watched this over
    and over – and for you, the pause key is hit, but I do not see evidence of
    a marker. For me to get this command to work like yours, I have to set a
    marker at the Pause point and then hit W or R. Am I missing another setup
    item somewhere?

  3. I have accidentally lost the timeline and I clicked on the timeline option
    on windows, but it hasn’t come back, any got any ideas as to how I get it

  4. Because your software isn’t activated properly. Those codecs are only
    released if your software is activated.

  5. it would be nice if premiere pro would load…i get this message ” premiere
    pro could not find any capable video play modules.please update your video
    display drivers and start again.”…any ideas on how to fix this…?

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