Empire Total War – Population Cheat/Hack/Code

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Empire Total War – Population Cheat/Hack/Codewas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15728


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  1. this is a good hack actually……i use to use this method when playing Rome Total War (using dos command) to prevent unrest due to over population of the city so well done :)

  2. this affect more than that,for example, if you lower too much, you will not recruit in that region,will affect your income hardly, and several more things.

  3. wait, when i put the population number on cheat engine, after a turn, it turned to 1000. does this effect the income?, bcuz while i change it to 30 million ppl, it doesnt effect the income a shit. then after a turn it turned 1000 and it still doesnt effect the income >_>. hav i done wrong? or is it like that 

  4. This feature of massacring a town is greatly missed in Empire total war. Now I can gladly depopulate the crap out of Berlin and other cities.

  5. Sorry for late reply! I looked into the problem, and i found out that it was i that forgot to mention it in the video. After you added the Value of the population you want, you need to Freeze the value. How you do it: When in cheat engine and you added the address and you changed the value to watever you please, there is a small box on the left side of the address, its under the tab Active. You need to tick this box, and the population shouldnt change back to the original!

    Hope it works!

  6. not useful for me I need add more population but not for 1turn xD If will be any way for change imigration %s or no way to raise ;(

  7. Man when i am adding population to my city example 1Mil it shows 1mil but… then it goes to be 1000population in next turn lol imigration 5% lol then 1k adter 1kk lol

  8. I am 75% sure that raising population number does NOT make a town appear earlier. Sorry you will just have to experiment your way to the answer

  9. I didn't think it would effect public order due to lack of squalor.

    I guess food shortages effected public order but I never noticed because by the time food shortages occur, the empire I run is extremely stable.

    Does raising the exact population number cause towns to appear early? Or is that just dictated by the region's turn countdown to when a town appears?

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