English Premier League Download Football Manager 2019 Mobile Save Data Real Name FMM 19

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English Premier League Download Football Manager 2019 Mobile Save Data Real Name FMM 19

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English Premier League (Sugar Daddy) :

Arsenal https://ouo.io/jmCAHL5
Bournemouth https://ouo.io/gSxXzX
Brighton https://ouo.io/AMeap7
Burnley https://ouo.io/7eE7IV
Cardiff https://ouo.io/Audz1B
Chelsea https://ouo.io/4GrXIB
Crystal Palace https://ouo.io/XVEWnz
Everton https://ouo.io/EUZx3r
Fulham https://ouo.io/1Kcdr04
Huddersfield https://ouo.io/G8dJ6
Leicester https://ouo.io/6IBc0s
Liverpool https://ouo.io/EZs1N9
Man UTD https://ouo.io/mwVTCK
Man City https://ouo.io/XE1FKK
Newcastle https://ouo.io/pNUrUb
Tottenham https://ouo.io/1qbfz5
Southamton https://ouo.io/GXT5Op
Watford https://ouo.io/KsFlqK
West Ham https://ouo.io/0f6Q8
Wolves https://ouo.io/T9Op8h

English Premier League (No Sugar Daddy) :

Arsenal https://ouo.io/XeEWA7
Bournemouth https://ouo.io/QAv3YB
Brighton https://ouo.io/x961pSk
Burnley https://ouo.io/9QZytR
Cardiff https://ouo.io/awG94
Chelsea https://ouo.io/zBeg1V
Crystal Palace https://ouo.io/e3Z7up
Everton https://ouo.io/oscqjO
Fulham https://ouo.io/Hysfzx
Huddersfield https://ouo.io/HOhnT4
Leicester https://ouo.io/d21zsC
Liverpool https://ouo.io/375HC2
Man City https://ouo.io/aiF0r
Man UTD https://ouo.io/sMyhTG
NewCastle https://ouo.io/f3Nq3z
Southampton https://ouo.io/t3dt1y
Tottenham https://ouo.io/YhROAq
Watford https://ouo.io/fwdwHO
West Ham https://ouo.io/wxwRlv
Wolves https://ouo.io/NbXNKcE

Chinese Super League :

Russian Premier League :

Portuguese Primera Liga :

Spanish La Liga :

French League 1 :

German Bundesliga :

Italian Serie A :

English Premier League :

Dutch Eredivisie :

Turkish Liga Super Turki :

Other Save Data :

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  1. For next request,

    Please Comment using following format below!

    Manager Name :

    Nationality :

    Sugar Daddy : (Yes/No)

    Abolish (Remove) Transfer Windows : (Yes/No)

    Manager Role :

    Manager Bedge :

    Manager Reputation :

    4 Active League :

    Club to manage :

    Subscribe and Share,,

    Thanks!!! 😊

  2. Om minta tlg dibuatin ya

    First name : Rama
    Last name : ID
    Nationality : Indonesia
    Sugar Daddy : No
    Remove transfer windows : No
    4 active league :
    Inggris : premier league – vanarama
    jerman : bundesliga – divisi 3
    spanyol : la liga – divisi 3
    italia : serie a – serie c
    Pokoknya liga yg plg bawah tolong disertain semua ya om.
    Club to manage : Gateshead (vanarama league)

    Terima kasih sebelumnya,btw udah like+subscribe jg.

  3. I have subscribed to you for your amazing work. You deserve it

    Can you make a save based on following details:
    First Name : A
    Last Name : Harish
    Nationality : England
    Sugar Daddy : No
    Abolish (Remove) Transfer Windows : No
    Manager Role :Any
    Manager Badge : gold
    Manager Reputation : National
    4 Active League : England, Spain , Italy, Germany (all as low as possible, especially England)
    Club to manage : Morecambe, England national team

  4. First Name :WAHEED
    Last Name :NAIKWADI
    Nationality : INDIAN
    Sugar Daddy : Yes
    Abolish (Remove) Transfer Windows : No
    Manager Role : Attacking
    Manager Bedge : GOLD
    Manager Reputation : National
    4 Active League : Spain, England, France, Germany.
    Club to manage : Barcelona

  5. Name:David Murunga
    Sugar daddy:yes
    Abolish transfer window:No
    Manager Role:Youth
    Manager badge:Silver
    4 active league:England,Italy,Germany
    Club:Millwal in England championship

  6. Manager Name: Mauricio Pochettino
    Nationality: Argentine
    Sugar Daddy: Yes
    Abolish Transfer Windows: No
    Manager Role: Youth
    Manager Badge: Gold
    Manager Reputation: World class
    4 Active League: England (only)
    Club to manage: Tottenham Hotspur

  7. Sans !d

    Manager Name : Johnny Ngo

    Nationality : Viet Nam
    Editor : YES

    Sugar Daddy: Yes
    Remove transfer windows : NO

    Manager role : Attack

    Manager bedges : gold

    Manager reputation : world class

    4 Active League : England , Spain , Italy , Germany

    Club to manage : MANCHESTER UNITED

  8. Manager name: Icaro Santos
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Suggar Dady: No
    Abolish Transfer: No
    Manager role: Attacking
    Manager badge: Gold
    Manager Reputation: National
    active leagues: English, Italian, Spanish and France (all leagues)
    Manage Club: Leicester City (if possible, Leicester and national France also)

  9. Manager Name: Suhas Rao
    Nationality: Indian
    Sugar daddy: yes
    Abolish transfer: no
    Manager role: Attacking
    Manager badge : gold
    Manager reputation: National
    Active leagues: enlish, italian, spanish, bundesliga
    Manage club: Man Utd

    Thnx un advance

  10. Manager Name : Ünal Karaman
    Nationality : Turkish
    Sugar Daddy : Yes
    Abolish Transfer Window : No
    Manage Role : Youth
    Manager Bedge : Gold
    Manager Reputation : National
    4 Active League : Turkish Italy Spain England
    Please Men 🙂 Love you

  11. Manager Name: Victor Mathyaz
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Sugar Daddy: No
    Manager Reputation: world class
    4 active league: germany, england, italian, spanish
    Club to manage: tottenham

  12. Manager name : Andreas Cruyff
    Nationality : Spain
    Sugar daddy : yes
    Abolish (remove) transfer windows : no
    Manager role : attacking
    Manager bedge : gold
    Manager reputation : world class
    Active leagues : Spain, Italy, Germany, England dan kalo bisa 5 sama Belanda
    Club to manage : -TSG Hoffenheim
    – Fulham
    – Ajax

  13. Bang request ✌
    Name manager :Ardhi fck
    National :Indonesia
    Sugar Daddy : yes
    Club' : Barnsley (divisi 2 liga Inggris)

  14. Manager Name : Hermeson Ramilles
    Nationality : Brazilian
    Sugar Daddy : No
    Abolish (Remove) Transfer Windows : No
    Manager Role : Youth
    Manager Bedge : Gold
    Manager Reputation : National
    4 Active League : Scotland (second league), England, Spain and Italy (first league only)
    Club to manage : Celtic

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