Enter the Gungeon | Robot + 300 Junk | Custom Rungeon

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  1. Can you do a run with 100 Ser Junkans? (if it crashes/lags then spawn less) Start off with them at starting level then find junk to level them up and become unstoppable!
    PS: at level 6 (holy knight) he can act as a blank and sacrofices himself if you die but at level 7 (angelic knight) he doesn't.

  2. If you're gonna do a challenge run, do a Blasphemy, Bloodied Bandana and Shield of the Maiden. No dodge rolling allowed but you can use the ability of moving while leaving a dummy behind ability. No guns and maybe try going for Ser Junken as a travel partner

  3. Junk altar gives you armor for junk. Blank shrine gives you a chance for a chest if you blank near it.The SAA does more damage after a ricochet. Battle standard also gives you a higher chance of finding charming items and companions.Also, you are doing +1500% damage, which is 75 extra damage with your starter gun. That's equivalent to the amount of damage required to kill 5 bullet kin on floor 1.

  4. Behold the Earrap 1 shot gun all you need is a Makeshift cannon duck tape with the megahand and scattershot and 1000000000000% Destroy headphone and ear

    1x AU gun
    10x Alpha bullet
    10x Omega bullet
    5x Oiled cylinder
    2x Ammo belt
    (also Gun Soul,I swear you'll need it

  6. Challenge:

    -Only micro-transaction gun
    -Suitcase full of cash
    -Guided bullets
    -ring of miserly protection
    -x3 disarming personality’s
    If you want you can edit the challenge a little because it’s my first challenge request
    You can’t use any other weapon (unless you want to sell it from the green dude) or get anything that makes this broken
    That’s all the restrictions
    I call it: time your shots and spend carfuly!
    Good luck

  7. This is my first entry, I hope it gets in.
    blooper (high knockback shotty)
    10 scattershot
    10 +1 bullets
    1 alpha & 1 omega bullets
    10 ancient hero's bandana
    10 lodestone ammolet
    1 full metal jacket
    5 white guon stone
    1 fat bullets
    1 rocket bullets
    1 silver bullets
    1 flak bullets
    1 angry bullets
    1 stout bullets
    10 lichy trigger finger
    OPTIONAL; 1 remote bullets
    Now you can extremely boop the hell out of some bullets. And don't forget to use blanks.
    ( Bonus ; Say boop whenever you feel like it uids.)

  8. I'm so sorry but then yet again I'm not sorry but take and "duct tape 50 abbisel tenticals" together then i don't knwo the item name that allows you to have "instant reload" then go see how fast you kill every thing because you can't doge unless you die many times over once again i love your videos but i don't feel all that bad for you but I'm truly sorry if you ever do this and i know i did not spell it right so sorry about that

  9. btw the bionic leg gives one armor and armor is still hard to find.
    Also at the altar with old red, the bullet looking character on the statue holding two blanks, if you use a blank then you will get a reward which can be a chest.

  10. Jetpack
    10 Blanck Companions
    10 Choas amulet

    Do this run only if when you activate the jetpack the companions go off
    ( I failed every spelling test )

    "The Heart of the Desert"
    2 Scatter shots
    15 Bouncy Bullets (if the name is correct)
    Magic Lamp as a weapon
    And something to rise the ammo capacity

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