Enter the Gungeon | Ultra Sniper Time! | Custom Rungeon

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  1. Friendship is magic run (unicorn horn)
    -Ancient Hero's Bandana x2
    -Unicorn horn
    -Charm bullets
    -Yellow Chamber
    -Charm horn
    Have fun with your friends!
    …then kill them

  2. For your information, those Darknut looking guys are called Gun Nuts. Also, you should try aiming for the Oubliette as consistently as you can.

  3. Idk if this has been done, but moonscraper, a ton of bouncy bullets, utility belts, and oiled cylinder(i dont know if you need to reload w/ the moonscraper but idc)

  4. Also here is a fun but simple run
    Bloodied scarf
    Balistic boots
    Shotga cola
    Shotgun coffee
    Magic sweet
    5 x live ammo
    5 x gungeon pepper
    4 x nanomachines

    Dont shoot, just run up to enemies and touch them >:)

  5. Unicorn fun!
    Unicorn horn
    4 x ancient heroes bandana
    20 x lichy trigger finger
    3 x scattershot
    5 x +1 bullets
    3 x rocket powered bullets
    1 x angry bullets
    2 x homing bullets
    1 x Chaos bullets
    1 x military training
    2 x crutch
    1 x bloodied scarf
    4 x scope
    1 x laser sight
    Active item chest teleporter
    Only open chests that you use the teleporter on (they teleport to the next floor)

  6. gunslinger's revenge

    gunslinger's ashes
    aincent hero's bandana
    heavy bullets (2-5 of them)
    stout bullets
    drum clip
    ONE scattershot
    double vision as active

    Unicorn horn
    20 shadow bullets?
    Battery bullets?
    Hot lead?
    5 oiled drum
    shock bullet
    homing bullet
    2 +1 bullet

    and some damage up item?

  8. an actual OP isaac run: directional pad (loki's horns) duct tape to tear jerker (simulates isaac's tears), 10x chaos bullets (fruitcake), flak bullets (cricket's body), bouncy bullets (rubber cement), 7x shadow bullets (for permanent "20/20" shots), 5x rocket-powered bullets (for more shot speed and bounces), backup gun (mom's eye), wax wings (flight), 10x oiled cylinder, ancient hero's bandanna, 10x ammo synthesizer, 4x nanomachines

  9. robot is perfect for this one.
    the Livewire field!
    Shock bullets
    Robot's starting gun for infinite ammo.
    Mega Douser.
    how to use: Spray the room with the mega douser, then shoot once for an electric charged field

  10. You had an item that blocks bullets and you don't use it. I understand forgetting but you just got it.

  11. A suggestion for you uidsea.
    Use the cigarettes about 15x (spawn yourself health)
    The elder blank
    Table Tech Blank
    the chaos, gold, copper, lodiumoum, uranium, amoulets
    full metal jacket
    4x blanks
    I call this…The Deadly Blank
    Have fun

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