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  1. i would love to see a SpireChat focusing on pathing–when to take normal fights over ?, when to prioritize stores, etc.

  2. PLEASE! give us some more spire chats!
    I'm definitely interested especially in how some of your opinions on cards/characters might have changed from 1 year ago, when A20 wasn't a thing.

  3. 7:55 "… and other things do not matter."

    Of course this is completely obvious. That said, I remember when NL (as much as I love him) would look ahead in the map mid fight sometimes to see if he should block or not; if there were a lot of fights coming up he'd block to not take as much damage. It would drive me crazy, it was so illogical.

  4. Dropping a message saying I really like listening to this SpireChats (Thought this topic was a tiny bit weaker compared to the past ones)

  5. I absolutely love these chats, because even though you're talking about Slay the Spire, you also touch on concepts that are really widely applicable to other things. You could apply the concept of "risk" versus equity to many other games, and maybe even life itself. It's like a little perspective on how you can think about the world.

  6. I really enjoy the spireside chats. I just put the audio on and listen when I am working out, or driving or something. Honestly it would be even better if you could just make spireside chats as a podcast available on iTunes or something so that I don’t need to keep the screen on on my phone for YouTube. Keep it up though. These help me learn the game without playing it or dedicating 100% attention to a stream or something.

  7. Great video – love the spire side chats.

    I appreciate the logical approach to making decisions and evaluating options – helps me to take a step back in my play.

  8. These are my favorite videos, along with the over explained runs. I've put about 1400 hours into StS, so normal runs are sort of meh, unless there's some unique strategy or interaction I haven't seen often. I love seeing the psychology of how you evaluate decisions.

  9. This category of videos is absolutely my favorite by far. You're competent enough at breaking down the way you think about the game that this type of content is both massively informative and massively enjoyable. I literally told my roommate "time to nerd the fuck out" and then sat down to watch this video completely enraptured. Please do more of it. 🙂

  10. But have you ever won a run with Defect? /s
    This was great. Very insightful and always interesting to see how much game sense you've acquired over your career.

  11. I think when people say "risky" they mean that there is a wide range of possibilities in the short term. Of course in the long term, there's either victory or defeat, but in the short term, you could take a risk, which will result in you either taking 0 damage or 30 damage, or you could play it safe, and take 20 damage guaranteed.

  12. I would use "risky" to describe a play with higher variance; in contrast the "safe" play is one where you know exactly how it will turn out. This is in a short-term context, like the outcome of this fight, or the next few floors. Jorbs will want to say that this is just equity, and of course he's right, but he's forgetting that not everyone is a world-class poker player with the laws of probability inscribed on their soul.

    An example from JoINrbs' most recent YT run (https://youtu.be/7KqT-5m3x6E): on floor 2, turn 3, vs Cultist, he had to decide whether to use his last energy on Strike or Defend. If he used Strike, he'd take 3 damage but would guarantee that he could end the fight next turn. If he used Defend, he'd take no damage this turn, but he might end up prolonging the fight and taking a lot more damage(*). So you have a safe choice and a risky choice: lose exactly 3 hp, or take a chance to lose either nothing or lots.

  13. Hi Jorbs! Just commenting that I really like these larger-concept videos, and would absolutely be pretty hype about more of them.

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