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  1. Hey there fellow ESET Antivirus users! Ive been using this for over a year and it still protects my PC 🙂 Thanks ESET!

  2. Im usingid. It have protected me for 7 Years. Its still protecetimg me. One time i made a test between MalwareBytes and ESET. ESET WON!

  3. Nice video. I just got ESET NOD32 Antivirus for a pretty good price and I love it.

    My personal settings for scheduled tasks are to DELETE ALL SCHEDULED TASKS. 

    Then create a new one and call it "Automatic Update on Startup" then set it to triggered event, and set it to perform an update when you start up your PC. Either every time you start your PC or you can set it to start when you first turn the PC on that day and it won't run again.

    Dont do scheduled scans for dates or times, because if you set it for 9pm Sunday and your PC is off then it will scan whenever you turn your PC on again slowing it down when your doing stuff. Or it will skip to the next sunday and by that time you could already be infected and the damage is already done.

    Best way is to just run a Custom Scan when ever you want to, do it manually and target either everywhere on your PC or in specific folders and drives. ALWAYS scan your downloads and Windows folder as this is the most likely places for virus to be.

    This way NOD32 is always up to date, its always scanning realtime in the background for viruses with the latest updates, and it will never slow down your computer when you don't want it to and it will always go into gamer mode when an application uses full screen. Be careful with gamer mode if you set it to scan and then load up a film or video and put it in full screen the scan will stop and then when you go to do stuff it will start scanning again!

    Hope this helps some people, still love this software.

  4. Hey I have a question… I use the ESET NOD32 v6 trial software version, but for some reason I can't scan my USB its just gray, can't click on it or anything. Any explanations that could help me out? Please answer!

  5. Good review, I am cuurrently on the fence between this and Panda anti Virus Pro 2014 which is something I already know (I had '09) so I looked up how this program's GUI looks.

    Anyways, well done video!

  6. thanks for the review!  Does this AV let you have full control over the viruses found?  I mean, i do not want it deleting certain tools like Microsoft Security Essentials does frequently.  Can you customize the program to ask you for permission for what type of action you can take?  For example, "allow", "quarantine" and "delete"?  I want full control without the program being allowed to make any decisions.

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