Every Spy Mission – Warframe Guide

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Grinneer [6:31]
Corpus [13:22]
Lua [19:53]
Earth [33:53]

Spy rewards:

Corpus Hack Practice:
Grineer Hack Practice:

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  1. the final room that you showed on Uranus was completely new to me never even knew it was there so that means there are 3 ways to complete that particular room

  2. I almost did c but I was watching the video at the same time and I didn’t realise there was a laser going around the memory challenge and I failed

  3. There’s a tile set you missed, maybe it was added after this video. There’s a grineer tile set where you have to go round the left there will bee a scanner robot dude, you go through a vent to the left which brings you round the whole left hall. You end up in a chasm where you have to jump all the way across, hack the door and get the data.

  4. Wukong is really useful too. for the uranus tower one,i just cloudwalk all the way to the top

  5. bro….wtf are you cosplaying for? what is that? the mad hatter? do you really have to do all of that to get noticed. you're not interesting enough to hold people's attention naturally so you have to be a cartoon. damn man a shame cause sounds like you know your stuff in wf, but i cannot subscribe or encourage this. Believe in yourself man…your real self. you dont have to be a walking caricature.

  6. Helpful until sound is out of synch at the end of the lua guide. Have to follow visuals after that

  7. is that all the vaults? I miss the one with the huge slowly rotating laser barrier, also the one where the console is inside the tiny fish tank.

  8. After his rework, I think Wukong is actually the best frame for spy now. In cloud walker, you are very fast, undetectable by lasers and invisible.
    Downside is, that the ability only lasts for 5 seconds at a time. With that insane speed, that's not really an issue, though. (Mod for sprint speed)

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