Evolve Stage 2 – Failed Hack?

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  1. I got cheater once, he was playing as a monster. His steam name was goliath (not sure if he didn't changed it already, unfortunately he is polish, I noticed it from he's prevorious nicks- kurwa zawsze jakaś cebula musi haxować) He was teleporting around the map (for example teleporting out of dome, etc.) it ended up with us defending the relay after 2 minutes of match. Hopefully, he was playing like a shit so he couldn't really wipe us out sucesfully (+ our emet was keeping respawning us back) and we held him off to the last minute of match, so he got finally pissed off and just instakilled us all with some other cheat. Meh.

  2. He could've been playing COOPvsAI before playing hunt to gain those streak.
    I also did clip in terrains a couple of times before when fighting a goliath.
    I clipped inside a cliff playing parnell, I tried to roach him but when I'm about to jp up the cliff he charged me and I clipped inside the cliff, I can still hit him with aoe from rocket but can't hit him with shotgun.
    There as also a time I've fallen under the map in orbital drill, Goliath pounced my hunter. I was standing in an inclined surface that time while he was pouncing me I clipped under the dirt, then my team mate came and stopped the pounce but I'm already under the map. I can jp but after my jp ran out I've fallen into the abyss. >_<
    I don't know but all those clipping issues happen when I'm fighting a Goliath.

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