Evolve Stage 2 – Hacker/Cheater?

Filename: evolvestage2hacks.exe

FileSize: 28 MB

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Evolve Stage 2 – Hacker/Cheater?was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15728





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  1. Hacking to win a video game that is multiplayer is one of the cuntiest things a person can do in gaming….

  2. Yeah i have watched your gameplay at 8:20 and at the end very closely and stopped very often. For me it looks like the support hacked greatly and i can proof it 😛

    1: at 8:20 until you kill the support you take great damage, but just after the support died from your attacks the damage stopped. But its unclear here since everyone else keep firing on you aswell.
    2: at 12:41 there was a hack aswell. But this time its maybe the Medic. Havent see the beam of the support hit you so i guess that the Medic hacked aswell.

    So either you got 1 hacking Support or 2 Hackers named "Scorp" and "ITZ JAS"
    Proof me wrong when you think i've made a failure in my analysis…. ;)

  3. Once I played elder kraken guest teleported to me and shot me through half the map. I think that you have not played now Cheater

  4. I was playing with hacker first time a 1 mouth ago, and after last 2 patches, at least with 5… when i was hunter… It was like "WTF!", when 3 hunters down and monster 70% hp, and guy killed him in 2 seconds solo)

  5. there's a "Kill all entities hack", and it's so fucking funny seeing kids like "wow I not cheat!" and then saying GG
    So.. they aren't recording you because they are cheating too, so you just press F9 careless about anything. These fucking kiddos, ruining experiences. I downloaded that free cheat to counter them. And they keep failing at cheating. Fucking embarassing.

    But guys, please, don't ruin experiences. Thank you.

  6. " Go play the game and stop whining " in every game when a guy hacking they always say this thing xDDD

  7. ya I see no reason not to call hacks massive health armor drop at end all hunters down or dead and u still die you had armour and health yet you instant die

  8. ive complained about this many many times on forums and they just say that I just suck at playing monster.. when I don't.. its frustrating.. I had a 21game win streak as my main monster elder kraken and got killed when I spawned in game.. hunters didn't even touch the ground

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