Evolve Stage 2 – Monster Gameplay (Wraith…OP?) 36 game win streak

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  1. You are…. A terrible wraith.
    I can't fathom you getting on a 36 win streak…
    You have to stay inside of the supernova when you attack, and then pop the decoy when they fight you in an enclosed space.

  2. Well this video makes it clear to me that Wraith is OP. No offense, but you're not even playing it that well. They were fairly good hunter team/combo, love how they caught you trying to evo, and your mediocre play style still dominated them. Having a kill streak that high at mid level suggests all you did was play Wraith monster to level 17. I would expect to see some better attacks. I don't mean to suggest I am any better, I am still honing my play style, but if I simply want a win, I max the same and forget decoy. I use that just for funzies. Personally though I prefer level 2 in warp blast to start, such a great map traversing/creep farming and sheer damage tool. Using terrain to avoid LOS in team fights is more than enough to make decoy do its job on level 1. I have tamed several team fights on stage one already.

  3. the wraith is jut op way too much mobility you have no chance of keeping up, iw ould like to see it deleted from the game
    – playin for barely 2 weeks

  4. what i saw was monster running away all the god damn time, until he reachedthe level it needed to win….thats not a monster, thats a overgrown virus

  5. "pimpachu" I swear I played something with you, I can't remember what, but I remember seeing that username…

  6. 1.Is decoy that good to max?
    2.Do you go this build every game?
    3.You never even put a point in abduction on stage 1-2? Is it that bad?

  7. i dont know but could you give me some tips? i bought wraith but i lost pretty much everx game with her, maybe i just need to train a little but i barely manage to down 3 of the hunters or even run away effeciently so some advice would be fantastic :D

  8. The wraith is sortof op to an extent, new/unprepared teams are gonna have a hard time fighting the wraith and those are the majority of the people that complain about the wraith. Personally I think he's somewhat balanced considering he has much less health than that of the Goliath but that's just my opinion.

  9. Man ur 0!!! If u could get 36 win streak it means wraith is SUPER OP!!!
    How u run away!!! U go TO HUNTERS!!!?!??!?! WTF?
    I doubt you would be able to win even 1 match with Goliath.

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