Evolve Stage 2 | Relay Shield!

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  1. I was wondering why the announcer kept saying "relay shield activated" and I didn't see an actual shield of any kind besides the effects it has already on it

  2. This video was very helpful. I haven't played this game before and just lost a game (as monster) because I didn't know how the relay shield worked.

  3. although I'm highly excited. how come we haven't heard anything about other modes besides hunt they were also interesting and had their own problems

  4. I wanted this game along time a go (well like a year ago)
    but i had high hopes for the game i loved the game soo much i really wanted it
    Since it went free to play ive never been soooo happy
    Also btw Grizzlemarine Keep up the good work <3

  5. I feel like this is a great change, but could use some tweaking. They should make destroying the relay not an instant win, but make destroying it stop the hunters from respawning back in.

  6. Do we have a rough estimation of when this is dropping on console? Looking around the forums, all thats being said is that its releasing at a later date.

  7. I don't like this and I'll tell you why. When I'm monster about to evolve to stage 3 I lead the hunters far out to the edge of the map and circle around to evolve in front of the relay then start attacking it. As the hunters hurry back then I run off armor up then come back to fight with a depleted relay. As we fight if the last hunter runs away from me I just finish off the relay. But now! After I circle around and evolve in front of the relay it will only take 10-15 seconds for me to destroy it. The hunters will not be within 80 meters. You will be seeing a lot of cheap relay wins for monsters. It's like late in the Monsters stage 2 run you gotta get everybody back to the relay in case the monster evolves close by the relay. So yeah, the new dome and this new relay has me a bit worried about this new version of evolve..

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