Evolve: Stage 2 — Silver Keys [ESRB]

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  1. i have a problem in this game i mean why cant i get behemoth? it says that this monster is making better the game experience

  2. shouldn't people who bought the hunters and monsters get special skins to say hey everyone I bought this before silver keyz

  3. How the fuck are the devs gonna make money off this game? Just make it to where we can buy silver keys and i promise you people will buy them. If i get another lazarus on my team who doesn't know how to use the Lazarus Device gonna throw my computer out the window.

  4. i've got one problem, its surprisingly hard to look at the abilities of the characters i want to buy or even test them. for example i bought crow and plaued him like 4 times said f&ck it and never played him again because i cant aim with his rifle 😡 (i hope you get the point)

  5. uhhh i absolutley love evolve, and it is becuse of this that i have put over 200 bucks into the game for dlc and have baught all of the skins hunters and monsters so when stage 2 drops on console, what can i spend my keys on?

  6. sometimes i win as stage 2 goliath and i only get 50 keys :c, you know, it's a lot of work to win as stage 2

  7. In both evolve make a mode where there are 2 teams and two monsters fight on diffrent maps and if the team kills the monster they go and help the other team same for the monster he kills team goes help other monster

  8. I heard that you wand to decrease the rewards… Am i right? I read the patchnotes. Well then you better make a buy keys button. Why "Keys" and not "Kredits"?

  9. Well the developers? Now every 2 players EVOLVE have cheats. What you are now awake to do? The game is now exactly fly to hell (cheaters – hackers).

  10. Just give me my level 40 back. Its unbearable to play with newcomers who dont understand the game yet 🙁

    Its like babysitting 3 childs who just learned walking.

  11. So far, I've only bought perks that make it easier to chase down the monster or run faster as the monster. Since running is all you can do between fights. Oh and I also bought Emet, I like him.

  12. HEY EVOLVE!!

    now that the entire game is free to play, how will YOU PEOPLE make money?? cause I haven't seen any way for you to get money. why am I asking?? cause I'm concerned that the servers will stop running if you guys can't make money yourself. cause no money, no servers = no evovle

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