Fallout 4 – Cheers Easter Egg!

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  1. the jukebox does the middle finger to the player and plays the cheers theme song then explodes.

  2. "yes yes, we heard you the first time, you never saw cheers because you are an embryo. do you want a medal or something, whippersnapper?

  3. Whenever he says something like "Some guy named Norm, I dunno" it hurts me like a knife to the stomach lol

  4. I want to know where is Norm's beer mug!..  And Carla needed to be a legendary feral ghoul.

  5. the skeletons of the shows characters are exactly placed at the bar, in the locations they generally sat in during the show, drinking their beer and delivering their lines. the jukebox was always broken from memory, and 'George' did the voice of the pig in the Toy Story movies.

  6. If you haven't seen it, then why the fu** are you making video about it? Go see it first or do proper research and then explain it to the viewers. I'm from Europe, this tv show was not popular here. I didn't learn anything new or interesting from this video.

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