Fallout 4 – Chem Use – All Companions Comments

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  1. I can imagine Strong going into a school to talk about drugs. "CHEMS BAD. LITTLE HUMANS SHOULD BE CLEAN AND STRONG LIKE SUPER MUTANT!"

  2. My top 5 companions (in terms of personality) are :
    5. Piper
    4. Nick Valentine
    3. Deacon
    2. Maccready
    1. Hancock

  3. for being a logical cynical bastard, X6 had the most supportive statements on the subject, aside form hancock of course lol

  4. I think companions should make comments on drug use but not dislike it but I think getting a addiction should make them dislike it though

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  6. I only do grape mentats, and keep a refreshing beverage or two on me at all times, because traders are dicks.

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