Fallout 4 – Curing Chem Addiction & Other Useful Drug Tips

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  1. I never use any chems outside of stimpaks, radaway and an occasional rad-x… thank you, this will be useful! :)

  2. I never use drugs in this game. only ones I used to use were rad-x and radaway. if you count stimpacks than I have an addiction

  3. get the chem resistant perk to become immune to chems and the chemist perk to make them last longer and have new types of chems to make at the chem station

  4. I still don't know, is becoming addicted bad for you, or good for you? I'm addicted to jet and medx but I don't see a difference.

  5. I don't use chems. Not because of their debuffs but when a deathclaw pulls a John Cena and comes out of nowhere it kinda slips my mind as I start shooting wildly while screaming like a madman…. it normally ends up badly but occasionally I remember I can use vats…

  6. You forgot about the Refreshing Beverage drink, it's somewhat expensive to make but it's essentially a RadAway, Stimpack, and Adictol all in one. While having the effects of at least 2 Stimpacks and 3 1/3 RadAways. However it has set stats, so at some point it'd be more worth it to use the others individually. The Medic perk will shorten the amount of time it'd to reach that point.

  7. –Mann.. Grape Mentats. Chem them up ASAP. I think its Mutfruit and something else besides Mentats. Good for Shopping or passing speech checks. Unless you really like save spamming.

  8. I may have a problem with jet. It started one day when I was hanging around with a ghoul by the name of hancock, I desperately wanted to be his friend, and I knew he liked chems, so to impress him, I started puffing lots of Jet. And now… I've lost my spouse, and my son. Admitedly this was way before I got hooked, so I have no idea why it matters. I've let many settlements get attacked and preston is now mad at me. He doesn't even call me babe anymore. 🙁 Drug addictions…. drug addictions never change.

  9. Don't use stimpacks use food it is cheaper to create/buy also it can be spammed faster than stimpacks. (Use only cooked food not pre war or raw)

  10. I'd you're a drug addict and still like power armor then get the blood cleansing mod for power armor that will cure your addiction 😀
    and I love the the power unique feature :D

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