Fallout 4 MAX Level Right Out of the Vault! (PS4 / Xbox One)

Filename: fallout4cheatsps4.exe

FileSize: 20 MB

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Fallout 4 MAX Level Right Out of the Vault! (PS4 / Xbox One)was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15720


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  1. is this patched om ps4?because when i want to pick up the youre special book ik uses it and cant press it away..

  2. unistall the game c: I was on 1.3.47 then unistall the game so ican get maxed out before the new update comes out to xbox one

  3. I'm that one that puts all their points into Charisma and Intelligence and shuns Luck and Endurance.

  4. I've deleted patch 1.3 and have gone back to the original patch which shows up as 1.09 or something. The dogmeat glitch works like a dream. Whilst I haven't got the picket fence magazine I can't get the crafting bench glitch to work. I empty all my junk and the workbench junk into a chest so all I've got is shipments of copper in my junk. I press triangle and square quickly to leave the copper and take it but nothing happens. I still have the same number of copper. What am I doing wrong? ?? help

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