Fallout 4: TOP GLITCHES for PS4 / XBONE

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Fallout 4: TOP GLITCHES for PS4 / XBONEwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15720


  1. lol the only one of his glitches that still works is the base expansion glitch and you dont even have to drop just weapons you can drop anything in you inventory all you have to do is store it instead of scrap or pick up

  2. what verso does all this glitch for work? i just started the game today and has not been updated. please help

  3. for any one wondering how to do old glitches just take out the fallout 4 disc delete it and pause the update file you will be on 1.00 although your game will have to install again

  4. Dont forget the item dup with dogmeat which you can use with the special book to max out your stats. Ps i did not discover this…

  5. need to stop complaining about them fixing infinite caps and resource glitches . For gods sake its so ez to make money in fallout and tbh they are bringing mods to consoles Bethedsda is all about the player lol they giving us amazing content and creation mode on console!!! lol just find an infinite cap mod or what not when that becomes available.

  6. the vendor glitch doestn work man …maybe its because of the patch your talking about..

  7. the vendors glitch isn't working for me I have no idea what I did wrong as I did it step by step

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