Fan Fr-aturday!! – Nidhogg 2


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Mark Essen stops by to play Nidhogg 2 with Jesse at the office! In a rare video treat, Kristen, Jirard, and Tucker get in on the action too! It’s madness!!!!


Nidhogg 2 is a local competitive sacrifice yourself to a worm game, by Messhof, played on PS4.

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  1. This game is freaking amazing! I love the Art style, I don't know why others don't !
    I just got my video up a couple of hours ago as well !
    If you would like to do a multiplayer video of Nidhogg 2 Let me know ! o>

  2. so, i don't see a video from jesse from like… a year or so, is there a specific reason why now he acts like what even i can define a creep with an absurdly detailed mask of a giant bloody lizard?

  3. Jesse please never do that again it was extremely mean and rude and not entertaining you basically bullied them

  4. Honestly, the artstyle on terms of the background and weapons ain't bad. I'm rather fine with that to be perfectly honest. The one thing that is putting me off slightly is the character models. With the first one, since the character models conformed more to regular human anatomy combined with the minimalist art style, the character models made me feel like I was controlling an actual fencer. They had a certain elegance to it that these new wackier models tend to lack. Honestly, the new character models probably fit the general tone and atmosphere of this sequel better so really I can't say it isn't justified. It's just that these ones make me feel less like I'm playing an elegant fighting machine and more like I'm controlling a random mook who was just given a fencing sword for the first time in his life. And it's not like the old style of character models can't work in the wacky setting as well. After all seeing two completely serious looking realistically proportioned gallant fencing men with their poofy cavalier hats and smug french pencil thin moustaches that would give Cyrano De Bergerac a run for his money fight to the death in these landscapes of absolute absurdity just for the chance to be eaten by a goofy god-worm snake thing has its own rather hilarious sense of irony to it. Eh, ultimately it doesn't kill it for me. I just miss the old character model style I guess.

  5. I don't like the artstyle. Yes. This has been said countless times. I just said it again. I don't like it one bit.

  6. I got to be honest. Wtf were they think when the made the art style. I absolutely HATE it. I foresee bad ratings for this game.

  7. I love the new art style; with the weird locations and new weapons and stuff. But, as everyone has stated before, the player sprites are fucking ugly and are just painful to look at. There would be so many ways to make them look better… D:

  8. "why change the art style?" "why not?"
    maybe because people loved the art style of the original? maybe because googly eyes look stupid as hell?

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