FIFA 13 Virtual Pro Mod/Hack I Maxed Out Stats! (Career Mode) [XBOX 360]

FIFA 13 Virtual Pro Mod/Hack I Maxed Out Stats! (Career Mode) [XBOX 360]

A quality mod/hack that lets you boost up your VP’s stats in career mode, sorry for being quiet i have a cold.. plus the audio goes abit screwed up at the en…
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    Holy shit guys this website is real
    Just got 1 mil coins and only waited for like 10-15 min
    These guys are ex EA workers!

  2. so has anyone else noticed that strength is NOT edited by the horizon mod?!?!
    it mods every other stat except strength?

  3. press (Y) on your HardDrive, then do ‘Clear System Cache’ Hope it helps

  4. I don’t know if there is a mod for this on ps3, but this particular one is just for xbox 360.

  5. it says index is out the box of array when i try to mod it on horizon. what should i do mate?

  6. If your updated the game, would it still be possible to mod it? ’cause I’ve tried it and it just said that it isn’t possible… Help pleas? 🙂

  7. Do you mean remove xbox patches? if so then just do a youtube search of that.. cheers:)

  8. No man im not aware of any fifa 13 mods on the PC as i dont have it, but there are probably more customisable features on the pc version.. id recommend looking it up. cheers 🙂

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